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Foundational components in an IoT process...

Data Acquisition



Decision & Action

Measure variables & digitize everything

As MEMS technology develops, new sensors have advantages of higher integration, higher sensitivity and lower cost. It eases the job of data acquisition from connected devices, assets, people and environments. Digitizing everything is no longer a dream.

IoT measure physics
IoT measure physics

Deploy a long-rang wireless network

WiiHey uses narrow-band radio technologies (such as NB-IoT, Sigfox, HOHNet™) for wireless communications. Our wireless sensor networks can span miles and be competent in many applications – whether the need is to blanket a factory in sensors or control the streetlights of an entire city.

Turn data into actionable insights

Data is essential in an digital transformation process. We help you analyze data based on MathEngine and AI-based algorithms, whether it is aimed for retailing or industrial applications, you can benefit from continuously monitoring and gain valuable insights from sensors and data.

IoT measure physics

IoT solutions at a glance

Industrial IoT

Vibration Monitoring System

Vibration monitoring of speed reducer

Generic Data Loggers

Solar panel MLPE monitoring

Smart City

Monitoring Manhole Covers

Manhole cover monitoring

Smart Packing Lot Detector

Parking occupancy detection

Smart Retail

People Counting & Customer Tracking

People counting for retail analytics

smart shelves for cutomer behavior analysis

Smart shelf-management system