Data Acquisition

  • WiiMine - Vibration & Shock Sensor

    The WiiMine sensor uses Bluetooth Smart wireless protocol to transmit vibration data over the air. For machine condition monitoring, it tracks the machine's vibration level on a regular basis to save costly manual inspections.

  • WiiUNG - Magnetic-field Sensor | Parking Lot Sensor

    The WiiUNG sensor detects vehicle parking events based on magnetic field sensoring technology. It enables active parking space management with real-time, precise space statuses. It is fitted directly into each individual parking lot, requires no wires for installation.

  • WiiLSW - Manhole Cover Sensor

    The WiiLSW sensor protects a manhole by monitoring opening events of the manhole cover and sending out alert signals when unauthorized access is detected. It is easy and fast to install, maintenance free and with a battery life of over 5 years.

  • WiiWLA - The Water Level Monitor

    Deploy real-time water level monitoring to proect water rising problem.

Data Transmission

  • WiiGate - IoT Gateway

    WiiGate is an IoT gateway that contains multiple radio interfaces including Bluetooth Smart, WiFi, Sub-GHz, GSM/GPRS/3G/4G and NB-IoT. It collects sensor data and transfers them to the cloud platform. With an IP65 enclosure, WiiGate is able to be placed outdoors.

  • WiiSA64 - IoT Gateway & Edge Computing Platform

    WiiSA64, besides the flexible RF connectivity abilities, integrates a powerful quad-core 64-bit ARM CPU and big memory, which is able to set up a local computing station at edge of remote network, making it a platform for both gathering and analyzing sensor data.

  • HOHNet™ - WiiHey's Proprietary Wireless Protocol

    HOHNet™ is a compact, robust, wireless network protocol designed to work with WiiHey sensors and gateways for IoT applications. It enables quick setup, low cost installation, flexibility of network expansion, efficient data transmission while using very little power.

Process & Analysis

  • WiiMatrix - IoT Cloud Services

    WiiMatrix provides services like data storage, fusion and AI-based analytics. With WiiMatrix, you can get a comprehensive view of assets' performances, quickly assess conditions, recognize warning signs, and deliver innovative and predictive actions for your business.

Smart Things

  • Interactive Digital Signage

    The interactive digital signage allows viewers to interact with the display and find relevant information more efficiently. Adding them to IoT applications opens up new worlds of possibility for both data visualizations and data analytics.

  • Smart Manhole & Manhole Advertising

    By utilizing some cool technologies like 3D LED, solar panels and wireless IoTs, we turn the conventional manholes and manhole covers into various forms of street advertising, help you to fulfill your own very unique and creative outdoor marketing!

Cables & Interconnects

  • Custom Length Cables & Interconnects including audio cables, USB cables, digital cables, power lines with UL, CE, CSA certifications *Custom Length* Cables & Interconnects

    A wide range of different cables & interconnects in this category, including audio cables, USB cables, digital cables, power lines, etc. Additionally, you can specify a cable length for your own project, our custom length cable is professionally cut and coiled in-house at a competitive price.