The IoT Gateway & Edge Computing Platform
–– WiiSA64

Collect, relay and "analyze" sensor data at the edge of your IoT network with the intelligent WiiSA64 Gateway for richer business insights.

WiiGate - the IoT Gateway & Edge Computing Platform

As more IoT devices are being deployed, data will be generated faster and in greater volume than ever before. Since IoT devices attempt to send every bit of data to the cloud or data center for analysis, many enterprises now are faced with challenges of network latency and bandwidth problem.

New and smarter gateways are developed to meet these situations, providing capacity to perform analytics at local or edge of IoT network (e.g. buildings, factories, zones), so that only meaningful information is sent to the next level. This minimizes consumption of expensive network bandwidth and reduces overall system latency.

Edge computing

Source: image from Cisco

WiiSA64 is an edge gateway, besides its flexible IoT connectivity abilities, integrating a powerful quad-core 64-bit ARM CPU and big memory, connecting varied wireless devices, aggregating and analyzing the sensor data locally, empowering the edge computing platform.


  • Hundreds of sensors accessed from a single gateway;
  • Multi-radio interfaces and extensible network connectivities;
  • Remote device configuration and OTA (Over-The-Air) capability;
  • Provide programmability to enable edge computing applications;
  • Linux OS with built-in support for Docker, Python, Node.js, Java, NodeRED;
  • AC power supply (DC/POE version also available);


  • Industrial grade wireless gateway;
  • Transmit sensor data to the WiiHey's online sensor monitoring platform;
  • Perform IoT solution with specific edge computing applications;

CPU AllWinner A64 @64bit Quad Core ARM A53 1.2GHz
GPU AllWinner A64 @Dual Core Mali 400-MP2 GPU
SD Card MicroSD Slot, up to 256GB
USB 3 USB Host Port, 1 MicroUSB Port
Ethernet 10/ 100/1000MB Ethernet RJ45 Port
Video 4K * 2K HDMI port
Audio 3.5mm Stereo Output
Interface RS-232, RS-485, I2C, SPI, multiple GPIOs, etc.
OS Linux
Programmability Docker, Python, Node.js, Java
Protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, MQTT, SSH, etc.
Database Time Series Database
Sensor sampling mode Synchronized, low duty cycle, continuous, periodic burst, event-triggered
Network capacity 1000 nodes per gateway depending on sampling settings
Radio a WiFi 2.4 GHz (Access Point),
a Bluetooth Smart 2.4 GHz,
a Sub-1GHz (868/915 MHz, SigFox compatible),
Range WiFi/Bluetooth: 20 m line-of-sight;
Sub-1GHz: 1~2 km;
Antenna SMA Type
Power supply 110-240 V AC 50/60 Hz;
9 to 36 V DC;
POE (Power Over Ethernet);
Battery life Built-in backup battery for 24 hours operating
Dimensions 154mm * 168 mm * 40 mm without antennas or cables
Weight 0.68 kg
Enclosure material Black anodized aluminum
Operating temperature -20 °C to 70 °C
Operating humidity 80% max, relative humidity, non-condensing

Acting as the coordinator in the network, WiiSA64 schedules communication among remote sensor nodes, performs edge computing and presents meaningful results to the cloud server.

wiigate UNB-IOT sigfox in hohnet topology